Why Do People Enjoy Watching Sports?

Posted on May 12, 2022 at 11:47 am

This can be extremely confusing to some. That people can earn so much money by playing a sport being watched by millions. So, why do people enjoy watching other people play sports?

For some people, it takes them back to their childhood. This may have been something that they used to enjoy but didn’t pursue. So being able to watch people still enjoying what they used to love, can fill their hearts with joy.

For others, it’s the fact that they simply can’t do it. Some people will enjoy watching sports on the television as the skill is admirable to them. They wish they could do it, so support those who can by watching them.

Finally, it could be an addiction. Not watching telly, but following your favourite team and betting on them to win. The thought of being able to win money by supporting the winning team is enough for some to want to watch every match and learn about every team.

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