What Sports Can Be Played Indoors?

Posted on February 17, 2021 at 2:28 pm

With the current season, it is extremely noticeable that the weather is more miserable. Meaning some of us will not be up for playing sports outdoors. Luckily for us, most sports can be played indoors, there are just a few restrictions that will be put into place. Today, we are going to share with you a selection of sports that you can still play indoors when the weather is miserable.

One of the more common sports to be played indoors is basketball. With most sports centres offering a sports hall which will have a basketball court all ready to be used. An easy sport for you to play indoors with you only needing a ball and a few teammates.

A sport more commonly known for being played outdoors is Football. However, it is entirely possible to play this sport indoors. As long as you are able to find a large hall, you will be ok. There will need to be some restrictions in place as the area will be enclosed, some kicking the ball hard may cause injuries. As long as you are sensible, it is possible to play this sport indoors.

Another popular choice of sports to play indoors is Volleyball. This one is more commonly played indoors, so you can expect a court to already be drawn up for you. You will also only need a net and suitable ball to be able to participate in this sport indoors. Some places will provide you with these.

Tennis is an extremely popular sport. Allowing you to become super competitive. On the plus side, this one is ok to play during the lockdown as you are always socially distanced more than 2 meters apart! This sport can be played both outdoors and indoors which is a bonus.

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