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PJM is a sports blog dedicated to bringing you the latest news and information on a wide variety of sporting topics. If you’re a sports and fitness enthusiast, then you’ve come to the right place; we write about the topics which matter. Maybe you’re more of a newbie to the world of sport – if so, don’t worry, because we have content that’s relevant for you too. We work hard to keep our posts varied and entertaining, so you’re sure to find something which will spark your interest.

Are you a knowledgeable and enthusiastic sports fan? Then you’ll fit right in here at the PJM Sport blog. Our team are passionate about sports, exercise and fitness. Between us, we have a wealth of knowledge which we want to share with you and anything sports-related is right up our street. We strive to bring you compelling content, so we write about subjects we’re actively interested in – if it piques our interest we’re sure it’ll do the same for our readers. Chances are, if something matters to you, it matters to us too.

Are you new to sport? Perhaps you’ve decided that it’s time to get fit but you’re not quite sure where to begin. Perhaps you’ve just discovered a new sport and want to find out more about it. Or perhaps you just want to be able to pick up a few more points in the sports round of the pub quiz. Whatever it is you’d like to discover about sports and fitness, we can help. We don’t just write for the experts, we write for everybody. Have a look through the PJM Sport blog posts for introductions to sports and ideas about how you can get active.