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Build your muscles with the right diet and training

Posted on December 22, 2016 at 3:04 am

Getting ‘ripped’ takes time and doesn’t just happen overnight, if you are planning to build your muscles you need to take extra time to fit in the training and keep to a balanced diet.

You need to work different muscle groups and rotate your training, from legs to abs to arms. Each body area needs its own workout session to see a visual difference. Your muscles keep working for 72 hours after a workout, so you do not want to leave a break longer than this between working the same area.

For your muscles to gain, you need to work them hard and the allow them to repair and recover. It is important you keep a healthy diet while partaking in this type of training as you will be burning fat very quickly. Eating foods high in natural fats such as avocados or nuts, nuts will provide you with the protein you need for your muscle repair too.

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