Christmas get fit challenges

With Christmas around the corner, over indulging is sometimes inevitable. So the plan is to fix yourself up leading up to the 25th December. With Christmas being a month away the plan needs to start now. Many fitness and nutrition companies have picked up on this trend and are offering 30 day package deals to get in shape for Christmas.

The plans consist of a workout for at least 30 minutes a day for 6 days of the week, resulting in only one rest day. The 30 minutes must include cardio, such as running or a high-intensity workout (giving better results). The other sector is diet, controlling the snacks and increasing the amount of healthy fats and proteins.

We all thought it was just a beach body everyone wants, but now there is a Christmas outfit to fit into, a couple of weddings to go to and you want to be the best shape for them all.

Klopp or Mourinho – who’ll come out on top?

So it’s the big showdown soon; Liverpool vs. Manchester United. It’s the most anticipated game of the season for many fans but there seems to be more excitement in the build up this year. Liverpool are currently sitting above Manchester United in the table, and they really are flying with Jürgen Klopp as their manager. There’s excitement at Manchester United too with Mourinho at the helm, but results haven’t gone his way recently and the squad does seem to be struggling a bit. After a reasonably long rest for both teams after the international break, it looks set to be a close call. Bookies are going for Liverpool though and we can understand why. They seem to turn it up a gear for the big encounters and with Anfield bigger and loader, we’re sure the reds will be well up for the occasion.

Klopp – The King of Pressing

We’ve never heard so much talk about pressing as we have this year. Pressing high up the pitch to win the ball back is nothing new. It is simple tactics to some so why has it made its way into the headlines? Well, Klopp is the answer. Jurgen Klopp discusses his tactics in detail unlike other managers. He tells the other team exactly what Liverpool are going to try and do to win the match. Why can he be so cocky? Teams are unable to stop Liverpool, it does not matter how good they are. Liverpool haven’t just used these tactic to great effect this year. They’ve even managed to beat Barcelona in a pre-season friendly using this style of play. From our point of view, they have played the best football in the premier league this season, and they have even managed to improve their defence which was needed.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Many celebrities have jumped on the HIIT bandwagon and it is no surprise really, the results that come from this form of training are clear to see on social media. If you’re looking to tone up, get lean or just shed some pounds, HIIT is the way to go. It’s not easy by any means and it can take some time for your body to get used to, but you will see a difference quickly, especially if you back it up with healthy eating. High intensity training is all about pushing your body to the max, having a short break an then hitting it hard again. Exercises can include squats, burpies, press ups, sit-ups, crunches, high knees and star jumps to name a few. As an example a session may include 4 sets of press up burpies, 4 sets of high knees, 4 sets of lunges, 4 sets of crunches and 4 sets of pull-ups.

Liverpool’s Win over AC Milan

It’s probably the most friendly competition in world football; the international Champions Cup. In their second game of the tournament, Liverpool beat AC Milan 2-0 thanks to goals from Origi and Firmino, but what did the win prove?

Origi will continue improving

The goal was simply sublime. The touch was calm, whilst the rapid movement created enough space to fire the ball home. He made an instant impact when he came on and he’ll certainly be competing with Daniel Sturridge for a starting spot this year.

Mane is fast

Mane really showed his pace in the game, exposing AC Milan’s back four numerous times. With Ojo and Mane, Liverpool will give Liverpool some much needed pace, something they lacked last year.

AC Milan look poor

You can’t say Liverpool defense looked good because they were barely tested. It was a good game for Liverpool, but AC Milan just weren’t up for it.

What’s next for Balotelli

Mario Balotelli has returned to Liverpool from AC Milan after failing to impress after a loan spell. He’s said the reason he’s under performed the last two years is because the expectations placed on his shoulders were low. He’s relishing a return to English football and a return to form, but Jurgen Klopp has already struggled with Benteke, a proven striker in the Premier League and his teams seem to function better when they have a striker who runs beyond defenders. Balotelli doesn’t fit in with this tactic, he likes the hold the ball up and turn players, but he doesn’t have the pace that he used to, so all we can see next for Mario is to be shown the exit door. That’s easier said than done though because at the moment no clubs have shown firm interest. We’re sure this will resolve itself soon so keep an eye out.

Was it cruel of Hodgson to leave Drinkwater out?

Roy Hodgson has released his squad of 23 to go to Euro 2016 and some say he was very cruel in his decision-making. Danny Drinkwater, a player who has proved himself all season at Premier League Champions Leicester City was left out, whilst Jack Wilshire was included yet he’s only just come back from injury. Leicester fans are rightly furious but even likes of former England captain Alan Shearer has announced his disappointment at the decision. Drinkwater was probably the best defensive player in the league last season, and okay so he may not bring goals to the party, but he would certainly bring excellent defensive skills and that could be something Roy Hodgson comes to regret. Hopefully Danny Drinkwater can have another fine season next year and push on for England because he really deserves to.


Liverpool FC – Who’s going to be shown the door?

It’s been a disanointing season for Liverpool, and as a fan myself; I can’t wait for the season to be over. We’re sitting at mid-table with a team of average players, and even the almighty Jurgen Klopp can’t help us! There’s going to be a lot of movement in the summer transfer window, and one man already on his way in is centreback Joel Matip.

This may mean Skrtel, Toure or Sakho may depart, but there are plenty of other players fighting for their place. Here’s our rundown of players we think may leave this summer:

  • Joe Allen
  • Toure
  • Mignolet
  • Bogdan
  • Balotelli
  • Benteke
  • Ibe
  • Moreno

Time could well be up for all of these players, and we’re pretty sure Liverpool will be one of the busiest clubs in the transfer window. Let’s just hope key players like Sturridge and Coutinho stay.

A quiet transfer window for the big clubs

On the whole, it was a rather quiet transfer period for the so-called ‘big teams’ like Liverpool, Manchester United, Man city, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. Funnily enough, the team that spent the most was Newcastle, which made a big change, with Shelvey and Townsend the big two coming in. The rather quiet period suggests there will be big signings to be made during the summer, and we’ll have to wait another few months to see whether that’s the case. With Klopp yet to make a stamp on the Liverpool team and Guardiola joining Man City relatively soon, it would be strange if there weren’t any high profile signings. Manchester United may well be getting Jose Mourinho and we’re sure he too will want to make some changes, so perhaps the quiet window can mean a much more exciting summer period.

Has Hiddink turned things around?

So it’s been over a month since Chelsea sacked Mourinho, and things are actually starting to look better. The Blues have climbed the table, and they’ve actually picked up a bit of form, although they have had a fair few draws in recent weeks. The players seem happier, they seem to be giving more—which is natural considering they’re essentially playing for their futures at Stamford Bridge. Obviously, the season hasn’t gone to plan, and they’re unlikely to make top 4, or top 6 for that matter, but the storm seems to have passed, and there’s now the feeling that the only way is up. The win against Arsenal was huge, and it will certainly give the players a boost, but we’re sure this season could just be a blip and they may go back to being title contenders this time next year, depending on who the permanent manager is.