The Best Winter Sports

Posted on January 11, 2021 at 4:16 pm

Winter sports are ones which people do not always partake in. With most of us believe that we need skills to be able to do these sports. But this is not always the case, there are so many winter sports out there, it is just the case of choosing the one you wish to learn. Today, we are going to share with you some of our favourite winter sports.

If you are not the most athletic person out there then Dog Sledding may be the sport for you. This consist of being pulled around on a sledge by a group of dogs. For this sport, you must be able to keep a good balance, and control of all the dogs.

Another one of our favourite winter sports is Ice climbing. A much more adrenalizing sport which requires excellent strength. Climbing frozen waterfalls is one of our favourites, giving you amazing views over the land surrounding you.

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The Lowdown on Football Scouts, What They Do and How to Find One

Posted on January 1, 2021 at 11:51 am

Football scouts are scouting professionals who look for top talent in football. They are essentially a football recruiter, seeking out and headhunting the best, most talented players on behalf of clubs, organisations, who whoever they work for. Some scouts may also attend football matches on behalf of their employer to scout out tactics and gather intelligence, looking at the team as a whole as well as at individual players. Their role will be to find areas of weakness as well as to spot new tactics and find out as much information as possible ahead of a game against them.

Football scouting is quite a unique job in that it will require both an excellent level of knowledge of football, as well as people skills, skills in negotiation, and plenty of fresh ideas about how to innovate the sport and bring the right players on board. To do this, scouts must go through rigorous training and/or have a great deal of experience. Top talent scouts in the footballing profession can be highly sought after and many clubs may want to work with them. This can make it a very appealing career path, especially for people who are passionate about the sport and want to work in this area specifically.

On a day to day basis, scouts will often be found attending various football matches. The matches they attend will depend entirely on what they are looking for. Some scouts specialise in spotting upcoming talent and will look for younger players who they might want to focus on – they might already be coming up through the ranks and might have been spotted by talent academies, or they might not have been spotted yet. In either case, a football talent scout can be integral to their success and getting them the breakthroughs they need in order to become professional footballers and base their careers around football. Other scouts specialise in the recruitment of professional players and bringing them on board for a club. In order to do this, they will need a very good knowledge of the game, who is playing, and at what level, and which players may be available for a transfer. Scouts can work at any level, from the premier league, through to lower leagues, through to non-professional teams or the national league.

Finding a scout as a football club or talent academy is not always easy especially as the very good scouts might have work engagements already. In this instance, it’s helpful to have a resource to advertise scouting jobs, or where scouts can themselves be headhunted. Resources exist which allow for both job advertisements, as well as for football talent scouts to create listings in a directory to get their names out. Using a resource such as a scout directory and job board can expedite the process of finding a skilled, qualified football scout who is experienced in their profession, knows what is required of them and who is also available for work, or actively looking for new engagements.

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