Why you should watch the Commonwealth Games

Posted on April 20, 2017 at 12:24 pm

Commonwealth Games are a great way get you and your family into a sport and passionate about supporting their country. Other reasons you should watch the Commonwealth Games:

Action- The action in these games are almost non-stop, making it exciting to watch. Seeing the dedication and stamina from contenders is inspiring to watch and support.

Skill Oriented- The Commonwealth Games is a game of skill and fitness. With each sport entered into the Commonwealth Game, each has its own set of skills required to be top of your game, from balance to strength.

Watching The Commonwealth Games may inspire many children to pursue a career in sport and influence them to train and compete for their country too. The Commonwealth Games will next be held in Australia 2018 along the Gold Coast, with a vast range of sports taking place from Athletics, Boxing, Netball, Swimming, weightlifting and many more. There is no better time to start loving sports.

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