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Has Hiddink turned things around?

Posted on January 30, 2016 at 8:42 pm

So it’s been over a month since Chelsea sacked Mourinho, and things are actually starting to look better. The Blues have climbed the table, and they’ve actually picked up a bit of form, although they have had a fair few draws in recent weeks. The players seem happier, they seem to be giving more—which is natural considering they’re essentially playing for their futures at Stamford Bridge. Obviously, the season hasn’t gone to plan, and they’re unlikely to make top 4, or top 6 for that matter, but the storm seems to have passed, and there’s now the feeling that the only way is up. The win against Arsenal was huge, and it will certainly give the players a boost, but we’re sure this season could just be a blip and they may go back to being title contenders this time next year, depending on who the permanent manager is.

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