Choosing A Team Sport To Play

Posted on January 7, 2022 at 10:13 am

Whether it is for yourself and for your children, it is good for everyone to take part in a team sport at some point in their lives. This can help with learning the valuable skill of working in a team and being able to share group emotions of both winning and losing. But, how can you choose the right team sport for you?

When it comes to choosing a team sport, you need to think about what would be most enjoyed. Some team sports require a lot of running, fitness and communication, whereas others require more hand skills and concentration. Deciding which of these will be best is key.

For sports that require running, fitness and communication you have the likes of Football, Basketball, and group Tennis.

For team sports that require more concentration, you could look into Baseball or Cricket.

These sports whilst being so different, will help with teamwork skill-building.

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What Sport Is Right For Me?

Posted on August 24, 2021 at 8:51 am

Most people want to get into a sport of some kind to keep their fitness and health high. If you are reading our blog, we assume you are one of these people, who are either interested in sport or want to become interested. So, today we are going to share with you how to know if a sport is right for you, helping you to choose your ideal sport.

Firstly you need to think about your own schedule. Consider when you have time to complete a sport as you will need to find something that fits in with these requirements. Some companies will only do certain sports training on certain days, meaning it may not always be compatible with you. Finding a sport you will enjoy that can fit into your schedule nicely is always ideal.

You should also consider what you enjoy. Do you enjoy sports that involve a lot of fitness? Or do you prefer something that is more relaxing? This will help you to decide what sport will be right for you. For something that involves more fitness we would suggest football, and for something more relaxing we would suggest swimming.

Another option for you is to take part in trial days. A lot of companies, if you ask them, will be able to offer you a free trial of training in a sport with them. This can help you to not only get a feel for the chosen sport but the trainer and other people there as well. This will help you to decide if it will be a sport you will enjoy and want to spend your time and money on.

Finally, you should research the sports. You need to know your budget and stick with it. A lot of sports have specific kit and equipment requirements meaning they may become expensive and out of budget for you.

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Building a Strong Network in the Football Scouting Industry

Posted on August 10, 2021 at 12:45 pm

Football scouting might sound like a dream job for football lovers. In many ways it is, offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in the game and dedicate your career to it. This can be very rewarding for someone who has a true passion and is looking to find a meaningful line of work. It is not a job to be taken lightly though and getting into football scouting in the first place can be difficult. Once well established as a professional scout, it is also important to have a strong network and to keep building on this, so it is easier to find work you love. Finding the right way to build up this network is essential to the success of many football scouts who go on to have long and successful careers in this field.

So how do you build up your network and make your name known in the world of football scouting? Once you are well established, people and teams may ask for you directly and want to recruit you based on your past performance and experience. It can be much harder before you reach that stage though, and even if you do, there are still challenges. There are also different kinds of football scouting – club scouts, scouts who analyse techniques and tactics, scouts who work with young up and coming players, and many more. This is a field with huge amounts of opportunity, but with it comes huge amounts of competition as well.

You need to give yourself a head start by making sure you are positioned to hear about any new jobs that come up so you are aware of what is going on in the industry and have the opportunity to apply for the positions that interest you the most. One great starting point is to register with a football scouting directory. These are specialist directories just for the people who work in this field, connecting scouts with people who are actively looking to recruit them. This can be a very successful way to get a foot in the door as a football scout. Even more senior scouts with years of experience will often make sure they are registered for good scouting directories so they hear about new work first and their names are out there for football clubs and individuals to find as well.

When registering for a directory, you need to remember that this is like your shop window and you need to present the professional image that you want the world to see. You will usually be asked to fill in your profile on signing up, where you should list all of your experience and where your main interests in football scouting lie. Directories can also be platforms for advertising and finding jobs, so you may be able to look through job adverts on the same website and identify roles that may be suitable for you. If someone who is hiring is interested in your profile, they will be able to contact you directly to speak about the opportunity.

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Playing Sports To Relax Your Mind

Posted on May 17, 2021 at 11:20 am

Are you looking to play a sport that will help to relax your mind? Then look no further, today we will share with you 3 sports you can play that will help you relax your mind rather than stimulate!

One of the best sports you can participate in to help relax your mind is Swimming. This sport does not need to be competitive. One that will keep you fit whilst staying relaxed.

Another sport to consider if you want to relax your mind is Running. Again, this is a sport that does not need to be competitive. Heading out into the fresh air for a run around your local area can help to clear and relax your mind.

The final sport we are going to recommend for relaxing your mind is Yoga. A sport that is known for stress relieving and relaxation. With it being a very relaxed sport that only requires body movements and breathing techniques.

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Scouting is not a job, but an adventure!

Posted on April 22, 2021 at 3:24 pm

Those who are passionate about football will love the idea of being able to share their passion for the sport which they love with other people. Indeed, scouting allows you to discover new talents while travelling around the world and following your dreams. But how can you become a soccer scout?

If your dream is to become a professional scout, it is important that you keep in mind that this is only possible if you know some key players within the club for which you work. This means that getting access into training sessions on a permanent basis requires working for years as an amateur scout or contact agent/scout before reaching any professional level.

There are also soccer training courses in fields that include goalkeeping and fitness. There are even coaching classes for players, but why not just send out your own trainee? As someone who has trained as a scout with the former Nottingham Forest manager Steve McClaren, this is something I have considered. The key reason for becoming a football scout rather than simply sending one of your staff to watch matches – or even doing it yourself – is that you will see things from a different viewpoint. You will be better equipped to understand what you’re looking at on the pitch because you know how teams come together and why they play certain systems, while all your pointers would be based on trying to stop them.

If you want to spot good players in other positions you have to have excellent analytical skills.

What skills do soccer scouts need?

To be a professional soccer scout you need to possess some specific skills sets that can help you find and keep talent. These include communication, networking, analytical as well as relationship management. Scouters who possess these skillsets tend to have more success finding players than those without them.

Some of the core skill-sets which make up communication include listening, speaking clearly, understanding what is being said and writing clearly. All these come together to and coaches / managers / clubs. 

Another key skill set that a scout needs is analytical ability; being able learn about talent from different angles not limited to just watching games or practices but also by using data such as match reports , videos, online performance statistics etc.

A top-class football scout can sometimes make more than the manager of a Premier League team. For example, Tottenham Hotspur’s chief scout Ian Broomfield netting £420,000 plus bonuses in 2011/12.

The role of professional football scouts is to find and discover talent for their club (and in some case other clubs). It is also a job that you can combine with another one if you’re not able to devote much time. Scouts work for any level from local teams up to international level and sometimes even at the national team level. You may be asked to travel around the world looking for talents or alternatively scouting local leagues close to your home address.

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What Sports Can Be Played Indoors?

Posted on February 17, 2021 at 2:28 pm

With the current season, it is extremely noticeable that the weather is more miserable. Meaning some of us will not be up for playing sports outdoors. Luckily for us, most sports can be played indoors, there are just a few restrictions that will be put into place. Today, we are going to share with you a selection of sports that you can still play indoors when the weather is miserable.

One of the more common sports to be played indoors is basketball. With most sports centres offering a sports hall which will have a basketball court all ready to be used. An easy sport for you to play indoors with you only needing a ball and a few teammates.

A sport more commonly known for being played outdoors is Football. However, it is entirely possible to play this sport indoors. As long as you are able to find a large hall, you will be ok. There will need to be some restrictions in place as the area will be enclosed, some kicking the ball hard may cause injuries. As long as you are sensible, it is possible to play this sport indoors.

Another popular choice of sports to play indoors is Volleyball. This one is more commonly played indoors, so you can expect a court to already be drawn up for you. You will also only need a net and suitable ball to be able to participate in this sport indoors. Some places will provide you with these.

Tennis is an extremely popular sport. Allowing you to become super competitive. On the plus side, this one is ok to play during the lockdown as you are always socially distanced more than 2 meters apart! This sport can be played both outdoors and indoors which is a bonus.

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The Best Winter Sports

Posted on January 11, 2021 at 4:16 pm

Winter sports are ones which people do not always partake in. With most of us believe that we need skills to be able to do these sports. But this is not always the case, there are so many winter sports out there, it is just the case of choosing the one you wish to learn. Today, we are going to share with you some of our favourite winter sports.

If you are not the most athletic person out there then Dog Sledding may be the sport for you. This consist of being pulled around on a sledge by a group of dogs. For this sport, you must be able to keep a good balance, and control of all the dogs.

Another one of our favourite winter sports is Ice climbing. A much more adrenalizing sport which requires excellent strength. Climbing frozen waterfalls is one of our favourites, giving you amazing views over the land surrounding you.

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The Lowdown on Football Scouts, What They Do and How to Find One

Posted on January 1, 2021 at 11:51 am

Football scouts are scouting professionals who look for top talent in football. They are essentially a football recruiter, seeking out and headhunting the best, most talented players on behalf of clubs, organisations, who whoever they work for. Some scouts may also attend football matches on behalf of their employer to scout out tactics and gather intelligence, looking at the team as a whole as well as at individual players. Their role will be to find areas of weakness as well as to spot new tactics and find out as much information as possible ahead of a game against them.

Football scouting is quite a unique job in that it will require both an excellent level of knowledge of football, as well as people skills, skills in negotiation, and plenty of fresh ideas about how to innovate the sport and bring the right players on board. To do this, scouts must go through rigorous training and/or have a great deal of experience. Top talent scouts in the footballing profession can be highly sought after and many clubs may want to work with them. This can make it a very appealing career path, especially for people who are passionate about the sport and want to work in this area specifically.

On a day to day basis, scouts will often be found attending various football matches. The matches they attend will depend entirely on what they are looking for. Some scouts specialise in spotting upcoming talent and will look for younger players who they might want to focus on – they might already be coming up through the ranks and might have been spotted by talent academies, or they might not have been spotted yet. In either case, a football talent scout can be integral to their success and getting them the breakthroughs they need in order to become professional footballers and base their careers around football. Other scouts specialise in the recruitment of professional players and bringing them on board for a club. In order to do this, they will need a very good knowledge of the game, who is playing, and at what level, and which players may be available for a transfer. Scouts can work at any level, from the premier league, through to lower leagues, through to non-professional teams or the national league.

Finding a scout as a football club or talent academy is not always easy especially as the very good scouts might have work engagements already. In this instance, it’s helpful to have a resource to advertise scouting jobs, or where scouts can themselves be headhunted. Resources exist which allow for both job advertisements, as well as for football talent scouts to create listings in a directory to get their names out. Using a resource such as a scout directory and job board can expedite the process of finding a skilled, qualified football scout who is experienced in their profession, knows what is required of them and who is also available for work, or actively looking for new engagements.

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Playing Sports For Charity

Posted on November 17, 2020 at 12:32 pm

It is the time of year for giving, so why not play a sport for charity? This can be anything from trying out something new, to hosting a charity event. All of these options are an excellent way to raise money for local charities. People enjoy participating in events which are for charity, whether it be watching or playing. A popular choice for raising money through sports is participating in a charitable skydive. Due to the adrenalin of sky diving, people will donate to see you partake in this. Another option to consider when thinking about offering sports for charity is how could you help the community? You could consider offering a class for people who are less fortunate. Allowing them to play a sport of your choice and possibly create a team of their own. This will be an amazing thing to do for your community, offering charities donations or a way to play sports.

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Sports For Children

Posted on October 17, 2020 at 2:10 pm

We all want our children to be fit, healthy and active. What are some good sports for children to play?

One of the most popular choices of sport for children is Football. This allows your children to work on their people skills. Allowing them to work as a team and communicate with others. On the plus side they will be kept active.

Another good choice for children is Swimming. This is not only a sport which will keep them fit and healthy. It is also a very good life skill to have. Knowing how to swim and being confident in the water could save them in later life.

Gymnastics is another popular choice. This again helps to build your child’s confidence. They can work as a team or on their own. Their listening skills will flourish with this sport as listening to their instructor is vital to keep them safe.

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